City of Guthrie Center
Guthrie Center Municipal Utilities

Construction is regulated in Guthrie Center by the Code of Ordinances Zoning Regulations.

Construction includes new construction, additions to existing structures, and structural alterations.

Section 165.24 states that a building permit shall be obtained before any building or structure shall be erected, reconstructed or structurally altered to increase the exterior dimensions, height or floor area, or remodeled to increase the number of dwelling units or accommodate a change in use of the building and/or premises or part thereof.

The fee for obtaining a building permit is $15. 

The City does not ensure that Building Codes are met.

Zoning Districts in the City of Guthrie Center and regulations are as follows:

A-2 Limited Agricultural                

R-2 Single Family Residential

R-3 Mixed Residential

R-4 Mobile Home Park

C-1 Highway Commercial

C-2 General Office and Retail

C-3 General Commercial

C-4 Downtown Business Commercial

M-1 Industrial

Official zoning map 

If the District regulations as listed above cannot be met a variance may be available.  Variances are granted by the Board of Adjustment.

Applications for a variance are obtained at City Hall.  The fee is $35 which covers the cost of the notice of public hearing.  If a variance is requested a copy of a recorded survey for the property must accompany the application for variance.  The recorded survey shows the certifiable proof of property boundaries.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Rick Buttler

Judy Hilgenberg

Penny Wetzel

Jason Carroll

Matt Pearey

Board of Adjustment "Variance Board"

Cindy Slaybaugh

Keith Hjelle

Judy Bauler

Teresa Secoy

Dave Faucher

Downtown Enhancement Committee

Judy Hilgenberg

Jim Vandevanter

Dave Lake



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