City of Guthrie Center
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52.01  PURPOSEThe purpose of this chapter is to beautify and preserve the appearance of the City by requiring property owners and occupants to maintain grass lawns at a uniform height within the boundaries of their property and on abutting street right-of-way in order to prevent unsightly, offensive or nuisance conditions. 


52.02  DEFINITIONSFor use in this Chapter the following terms are defined:

1.       “Curb,” “curb line,” or “curbing” means the outer boundaries of a street at the edge of that portion of the street usually traveled by vehicular traffic.

2.       “Cut,” or “mow” means to mechanically maintain the growth of grass, weeds, or brush at a uniform height.

3.       “Owner” means a person owning private property in the City and any person occupying private property in the City.

4.       “Parking” means that part of a street in the City not covered by a sidewalk and lying between the lot line or property line and the curb line; or on unpaved streets, that part of the street lying between the lot line or property line and that portion of the street usually traveled by vehicular traffic. 


1.       Every owner shall cut, mow and maintain all grass, weeds and brush upon the owner’s property and adjacent to the curb line or outer boundary of any street, which includes the parking area abutting the owner’s property, to a uniform height as defined in Section 52.04.
2.       Every owner shall cut, mow and maintain all grass, weeds and brush adjacent to the curb line, including the parking area abutting the owner’s property, in such a manner so as to be in conformity with and at an even height with all other grass, weeds, or brush growing on the remainder of the owner’s property.

52.04  UNIFORM HEIGHT SPECIFICATIONSGrass, weeds or brush shall be cut, mowed and maintained so as not to exceed the following height specifications:
1.       Developed Residential Areas – not to exceed 8 inches (8”)
2.       Undeveloped Residential Areas – not to exceed 8 inches (8”)
3.       Business and Industrial Areas – not to exceed six inches (6”)
4.       Agriculture Areas – not to exceed fifteen inches (15”) 

Grass, weeds, and brush which are allowed to grow in excess of the above specified limitations are deemed to be violations of this chapter.  Any property within the City of Guthrie Center, whether vacated or non-vacated, is required to conform to these specifications. 

52.05  PUBLICATION OF NOTICE.  Annual spring publication of this ordinance in an official newspaper shall serve as notice to property owners.  The City will be authorized to respond to violations without additional written notice being given.

52.06  FAILURE TO COMPLY.  If the property owner fails to comply with this Ordinance, the Council or its appointee shall cause the property to be mowed.  The fee for this service will be set by resolution and will be assessed against the property. 

52.07   ABATEMENT BY CITYIf the property owner neglects or fails to abate as directed by this Ordinance, the City may perform the required action to abate.  The fee for the abatement will be set by the City Council. 

52.08 COLLECTION OF COSTS.  The City Clerk shall send a statement of the total expense incurred to the property owner who has failed to abide by the publication notice.  If the amount shown by the statement has not been paid within one (1) month, the Clerk shall certify the costs to the County Treasurer and such costs shall then be collected with, and in the same manner as general property taxes. 

52.09 FAILURE TO ABATE Any person causing or maintaining a nuisance who shall fail or refuse to abate or remove the same is in violation of this Code of Ordinances.


Aquatic Center - 332-2989

Utility Billing Inquiries - 332-2190

City Clerk/Administrator - 332-2190

Zoning Questions- 332-2190

69.11  SNOW REMOVAL.  During snow events, when plowing will be necessary, the City will implement an Emergency Parking Ban.  No person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any residential street, alley, or City-owned off-street parking area during an Emergency Parking Ban.  An Emergency Parking Ban shall be defined as commencement of the fall of snow and accumulation of such snow to a depth of two (2) or more inches and/or accumulation of ice covering the entire surface of streets. 


1.         A snow emergency parking ban shall continue until the snow has ceased to fall and has been removed or plowed from said street, alley or parking area. 

2.         All motor vehicles and vehicles of any other kind shall be removed from residential and/or commercial streets during an Emergency Parking Ban and/or when snow removal operations are in progress and before such operations have resulted in the removal or clearance of snow from the City streets.  Any City Official may direct motor vehicles of any kind to be removed from City streets. 

3.         The vehicles shall be removed and not left standing or parked on the streets, as provide above, in order to facilitate snow removal.  Snow removal shall include the action of any and all snow equipment necessary to remove snow from the City streets to provide access and proper use of said streets.

 Vehicles left standing or parked in violation of this Chapter may be towed at the owner’s expense, may be fined, or both.

 Penalties.  Vehicles left standing or parked in violation of this Chapter shall be fined in accordance in Chapter 70.03


136.03  REMOVAL OF SNOW, ICE AND ACCUMULATIONS  Within ten (10) hours after the accumulation of snow and ice, property owner's must remove such snow and ice from sidewalks.  If not, the City may do so and assess the costs against the property owner for collection in the same manner as a property tax.  (Chp 136.03)